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If You Have Any of These Problems:

  • Ice or frost forming on the wall or ceiling inside freezer door openings.
  • Wet and icy floors creating slippery and unsafe conditions for forklifts and personnel.
  • Moisture and frost forming on cooler/freezer high speed fabric doors.
  • Strip doors are not a good solution because of safety and performance issues.
  • Doors that are difficult to open due to ice.

Our Automated Freezer Doors are the Solution!

Key Features Include:

  • Standard corrosion resistant stainless steel case.
  • Heavy duty direct drive motors for longer life.
  • Easy Installation. Mount directly to freezer wall or use mounting brackets with threaded rod.
  • Adjustable timer sequence provides strategic protection.
  • Electric heater automatically turns on and warms the air to reduce the likelihood of it condensing inside the freezer when the door is open.
  • One of the unit’s unique performance features is Powered Aire’s plenum design. A custom plenum inside each unit assures an even air flow across the full width and length of the door opening. Other manufacturers point their blowers down, resulting in dead spots where each motor is located. This allows warm air to flow into the freezer defeating the purpose of an air curtain.

We are happy to say that we have a certified technician from Tucker Automation on staff to perform inspections on all of our freezer door installations and freezer door repairs.

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